Kaizer Makhubo (21)

Kaizer is a Computer Science and Applied Mathematics student from Pretoria. He says he is inspired by people such as Steve Jobs (founder of Apple), Albert Einstein (world renowned theoretical physicist) and more recently Elon Musk (founder of electric car company Tesla).

“Very much like Elon Musk I am an engineer at heart, always pursuing innovation and efficiency in a world that has a scarcity of resources”, says Kaizer. He wishes to pursue a post-graduate degree in Data Sciences, and hopefully obtain his PhD in the future. With Harith’s assistance he is a step closer to achieving his dreams.

What attracted Kaizer to the field of data sciences was his love for finding ideas that save resources and find ways of abstracting complex details into viable computer models. The aspects he enjoys the most about his studies are that he gets to work with inquisitive minds that help bring about innovation and change, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic where computation plays a critical role.

“Being a Data Scientist is almost prophetic, it involves analysis of complex variables to forecast the future needs of a business. These tools are important because as a resource rich continent, we can build new business tools that will lead to the creation of employment and the efficient use of resources, this is truly an exciting time to be alive.”