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INO Harith Capital

The GIPF of Namibia has championed the establishment of the Namibian Infrastructure Fund (NIF) is a dedicated Namibia focused Infrastructure Fund. The GIPF invested N$ 280m into the Fund, the Fund will be managed by INO Harith a joint venture between Harith General Partners and INO Capital based in Namibia.

The Fund will invest in commercially viable infrastructure projects in Namibia and focus on the following sectors: Energy, ICT, Transport and Logistics, Health, Municipal Services, Water and Sanitation.


Progeny Development Finance (Proprietary) Limited (“Progeny”), a subsidiary of Harith Partners (Proprietary) limited is an independent and dedicated entity with singular focus on funding infrastructure project development initiatives. It seeks to strengthen project origination capacity in Africa thereby shortening the time to bring projects to bankability and thus lessening transaction (including time) costs. Leveraging existing relationships and commitments from African institutional capital, Progeny will cultivate partnerships with Governments, State Owned Enterprises, DFIs, commercial banks, & project sponsors/promoters within its ecosystem to originate projects and provide complementary resources and capacity for infrastructure development.


Established in 1994 as an asset management firm, ARMHIF has since evolved into one of Nigeria’s most innovative and respected non‐bank financial institutions with focus on Traditional AssetManagement and Specialised Funds. We are a leading asset management firm that provide a diverse range of asset management services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, foundations and charities, high net‐worth individuals and small savers.

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