Dolika Banda

Independent Non-Executive Director

Dolika Banda is a Zambian national and has over 25 years’ experience in capital markets development, served with Citibank, Barclays Bank, International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) and the UK’s Commonwealth Development Corporation (“CDC”).  With a focus on banking and finance, her international banking and financial management experience combines operational investments as well as policy advice.  She has worked across the globe, including Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, Central Asia and the United States of America.

Today, Dolika is an independent providing consultancy services to companies interested in investing long-term capital in sub-Saharan Africa, largely leveraging her experience in financial institutions.  Amongst her current list of clients is the UK’s Commonwealth Development Company (“CDC”) where she serves a Regional Director for Africa, FOCUS Financial Services Zambia, Group Chair and Pan Africa Capital Growth (an emerging market investor based in the USA), Advisor and Board member of the PACG’s commercial  bank in Liberia.

Dolika is based between London,  Johannesburg and Lusaka.  CDC is aware that Dolika may from time time undertake other responsibilities in her personal capacity.

Prior to joining CDC in 2013, Dolika was Director of Financial Markets for the World Bank subsidiary, International Finance Corporation  (“IFC”) where she had responsibility for all financial markets activities across sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, including a portfolio of over US$5bn, and some 250 projects.  With the IFC for 16 years from 1996 to 2012, mainly based in Washington DC, she built a career working across different disciplines including risk management, treasury and financial markets.

Dolika began her career with Citibank and then Barclays in Zambia.  She spent five years with Citibank where she held senior positions in credit risk management,  treasury and financial control.  At Barclays, she was heavily involved in the transition of the economy from government-held to private sector driven.  She led Barclays’ participation and contribution to Zambia’s privatization process and is a signatory to the founding documents of Zambia’s first stock exchange, LUSE.