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Harith General Partners responds to Business Day article

​Sandton - Harith General Partners wishes to respond as follows to the allegations published in the front page of the Business Day on Wednesday 20th January 2016 in the article titled: “Holomisa claims PIC funded ANC in complaint to Public Protector"

Our legal representatives, Webber Wentzel, have instructed Business Day and Mr Bantu Holomisa (who are responsible for the publication of the false allegations that Harith General Partners received R2 million from the PIC and distributed that money to the ANC) that these allegations are unlawful, incorrect and defamatory of Harith General Partners.

In particular, our legal representatives have requested Mr Holomisa and the Business Day to retract the unlawful, incorrect and defamatory allegations and provide Harith General Partners with an undertaking not to publish any further utterances or allegations concerning us. Harith General Partners has also approached the Public Protector to deny this claim and offer its cooperation. Harith General Partners would like to reiterate that the alleged R2m payment purported to have been paid from the PIC for the ANC’s benefit in January is patently false and devoid of truth. We are prepared to take stringent legal action to defend our reputation."