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2015 ABSIP Financial Services Sector Award Finalist

​On behalf of Association of Black securities and Investment Professionals (“Absip”), It gives me great pleasure to congratulate Harith General Partners on being selected as one of the finalists for the 2015 ABSIP Financial Services Sector Awards under the Categories COMPANY WITH DEVELOPMENTAL IMPACT IN THE COUNTRY & PROJECT FINANCIER OF THE YEAR. 

During the year of celebrating the 20 year Journey of the Game Changer and Transformation, your exceptional achievements together with the meaningful contribution you have made in the sector and the positive impact this has had on our country – makes us proud to be associated with you. Finalists will be recognised and winners announced at the ABSIP Financial Services Sector Awards Gala dinner to be held on 1 October at the Inanda Country Club, Illovo. These promise to be an enriching, meaningful event that will also offer you the opportunity to network with top business leaders. Bring along the colleagues in your team and invite people from other organisations – the opportunities for growth and development are immense.