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A disciplined investment process is undertaken, which commences at pre-investment stage and continues throughout the appraisal process as outlined below:

Step 1
Deal Appraisal

At the start, Harith focuses on proprietary deal generation which should at least meet our investment mandate.

Step 2
Screening paper

The transaction enquiries are informally appraised and, in respect of deals of interest, a high-level Investment Document is prepared for submission at the weekly management team meetings.

Step 3

A further informal screening process is undertaken at the weekly management team meetings on the basis of the investment document/s, harnessing the team’s collective deal expertise.

Step 4
Further evaluation

The Screening Paper is submitted to the Harith Exco for approval before submission to the Investment Committee. Should the Exco approve, the Screening Paper is submitted to the Investment Committee.

Step 5
Investment committee consideration

The Investment Committee reviews and assesses the Fund’s general appetite for the proposed transactions on the basis of the Screening Paper/s, and approves the due diligence budget.

Step 6
Due diligence

Should approval to proceed be granted, the transaction is subjected to legal, financial, environmental and technical due diligence.

Step 7
Board resolutions

The outcome of the due diligence is reported in detail to the Investment Committee in the form of a comprehensive Appraisal Report.